September has arrived and with it comes transition, a shift from summer solace to cooler weather and the beautiful colors of fall.

September has arrived and with it comes transition, a shift from summer solace to cooler weather and the beautiful colors of fall. To celebrate the changing of the seasons, as well as our recent move to Shaker Heights, Ohio, we are toasting art, as it is a true nod to diversity, change and acknowledgement of what is the ever- evolving nature of life itself. We are also featuring a recent art acquisition which is a culmination of the palette and styles Christine has grown to love over the years (see image below).

During her youth, Christine’s proximity to New York City allowed her frequent visits to various museums along and near Museum Mile. Christine’s parents took notice of her early interest and happily obliged her desire to absorb as many styles and artists as possible. Her art education was supplemented by visiting educators who came to her school to discuss various artists. Some of the early artists Christine remembers studying were impressionists Claude Monet and Edouard Manet. She was thrilled to then locate actual pieces painted by these artists during her museum visits. She loved seeing the works up close and she continues to enjoy this pleasure.

Christine began to take private art lessons and she was able to hone her charcoal, pastel and oil painting skills. She also experimented with many other mediums including watercolors and acrylics, as well as three dimensional forms such as papier mâché and cardboard models. For one particular English class assignment, she chose to write a paper on John Constable. She compared him to J.M.W. Turner; both artists specialized in landscape paintings. Christine was moved by Constable’s fluid and ethereal cloud studies.

Her appreciation and love of art only grew as she took art history courses in college. Through lessons about Johannes Vermeer’s works, Christine grew to love his work, especially a piece titled “Mistress and Maid” which is part of the permanent exhibit at The Henry Clay Frick Collection in New York City. This museum remains one of Christine’s favorites in the world.

Post-Impressionist painters have had an impact on Christine as she reflects on her experiences with art and color. Many of these artists used heavy textures and bright, bold colors. Vincent Van Gogh was known for his rough beauty and emotional honesty. Paul Gaugin was known for his experimental use of color. Christine also loves to add bright accents to her designs and embrace the vibrant, energetic hues, often playing colors and textures off of each other.

Some of the other styles Christine has admired over the years have been impressionism, cubism and surrealism. Christine has also been fond of artists Henri Rousseau, Pablo Picasso, Paul Klee, Jackson Pollack, Edward Hopper and Marc Chagall as well as Clara Deike and Hollis Sigler.

Throughout the years, Christine and her husband Michael, have enjoyed acquiring several pieces to add to their own collection. These include pieces by artists including Gaston Sebire, Alexandra Destephano, Tino Zago, Nina Mera, Mira Narouze, Eleanor Voorhees, as well as the piece featured in this newsletter by Ursula Brenner.

Christine believes art is an investigation of life. She has been known to make pilgrimages to visit art and to encourage friends and clients to join her or to see what inspires them. She often develops the design of a home around art her clients have fallen in love with. At Christine Haught, Ltd. we think of each client’s home as a blank canvas on which together we can create a masterpiece.

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